Aaron Ellington

Projects I Built:

  • Quite Hacker News
    • A quieter approach to Hacker News. Links and nothing else.
  • AdBrick
    • A minimal, cross-platform, and open source ad blocker.
  • Aurebesh Mode
    • A Chrome Extension that changes all your webpages to display in the Star Wars alphabet.
  • Star Wars Canon Guide
    • An interactive table to browser Star Wars media.

Packages I Maintain:

Software I Recommend:

  • 1Password
    • Hassle-free security for everyone.
  • YNAB
    • Enjoy guilt-free spending and effortless saving with a friendly, flexible method for managing your finances.
  • Tailscale
    • Tailscale makes creating software-defined networks easy: securely connecting users, services, and devices.
  • CapRover
    • Scalable, Free and Self-hosted PaaS!